City of Dayton Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development is a great resource for local businesses and potential new business alike. Utilizing Dayton's natural advantages and the City's proactive mindset, the Office of Economic Development works to attract and retain modern industry and business in an effort to increase the welfare and happiness of our residents. The City offers the following programs and services to assist large and small businesses:

  • Coordination with financial partners for cost effective financing solutions
  • Site selection assistance for new or expanding businesses
  • Assistance with permits and the plan review process
  • Referrals to regional recourse partners for free or low-cost services
  • Creation of "shovel ready" sites through Brownfield redevelopment
  • Real Estate development and site assembly assistance
  • Annexations of commercial property for enhanced city services
  • ...and more - visit for more information.

The City of Dayton has created an extremely favorable atmosphere for both new and existing companies. Some of the financial benefits we offer are:

The City of Dayton also offers annual grants for business to obtain zero personal property tax (on business inventory, machinery, and equipment) for up to three years. This grant is available to new businesses choosing to locate in Downtown Dayton or specializing in key industry sectors with a $1,000,000 cap on the total three-year benefit per company.