Room 202
12:00pm -4:00pm
Saturday, May 20, 2017

Coming to downtown Dayton at the Dayton Convention Center "Beauty Behind Bars". You don't have to be physically incarcerated to be locked behind bars. Mental incarceration and self-imprisonment are the most difficult forms of solitude to escape. Beauty Behind Bars™ is the official overall self-esteem program of the Once in a Wifetime® movement. Created to help women and girls break away from mental incarceration & self imprisonment of low self-esteem, doubt, depression, suicide, and dream killing: Beauty Behind Bars™ teaches forgiveness, accountability, and the importance of loving self from the inside out. Tickets are $30 per person (this includes a t-shirt, wristband, and self-esteem planner/journal. For tickets visit

Once in a Wifetime® BEAUTY BEHIND BARS™ provides a life changing seminar, conference, and course that teaches:
1. The importance of forgiveness
2. How to free yourself from mental incarceration
& self imprisonment
3. How to love yourself from the inside out
4. Taking ownership of mistakes made
5. How to take the steps necessary to pursue goals/dreams
6. Teaching others in the community by being an example